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Whilst researching the video "From the Archives", Carolyn Burnley discovered that there were more films made of events in Reigate. It is not known where they are now. Can you help us find them?

Many of the films in "From the Archives" were by Rowland Sammes, however, we know there were more - Fireworks at Gatton in 1935 - Historical Pageant through Redhill & Reigate 1935 - Colour scenes of the decorations prepared for the Jubilee in 1935 - at this time Rowland Sammes ran Wray Park Studios, London Road, Reigate and the films would most probably be 16mm.

The first two films in "From the Archives" were of Reigate Borough Carnivals in 1926 and 1927. They were produced by Mr Bancroft and were shown as a crowd puller at the Hippodrome Cinema, Reigate (now demolished, formerly in Bell Street) - "Come to the Cinema and see yourselves in the Movies". There were also more films produced by or for Mr Bancroft whose wife ran the cinema. Most of the carnivals between the 1st and 2nd Worldwars were covered (some later ones by British Movietone who have a short clip from 1938 listed in their archives). These would most probably be on 35mm film. The Bancrofts also owned the Majestic.

This film was mentioned in an old Surrey Mirror - "The Golden Ring" showing the Reigate Pageant in 1930 (or 1932?) produced by the Mothers' Union and shown at the Hippodrome.

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