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Reigate Priory Reigate History is part of Burnley Video Productions (BVP). Over the years BVP have produced historical documentaries about Reigate and the surrounding areas. Whilst researching these documentaries we gathered all sorts of other local history nuggets which are shared with you on this site.

If you have any old cine films or videos you would like transferred to DVD visit the BVP site www.b-v-p.co.uk.

Take a look at the Reigate Shop where it is possible to purchase the local history DVDs and also books and other items associated with the area. Because Reigate History is part of BVP you can also view video clips on this site. Take a moment to watch the opening of the DVD, "Reigate Priory - Another Chapter", enjoy one of our older productions narrated by Cliff Michelmore "Reigate Priory - 1921 - 48" which covers the era when the Priory was owned by Admiral Beatty and includes the 2nd World War years, or enjoy some old film footage of Reigate and Redhill in the 1920s and 30s in "From the Archives". There is even a DVD and video of Brockham from 1958.

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